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Are you...

still waiting for your baby to "sleep like a baby"?

exhausted from rocking your baby back to sleep all night long?

afraid to close your own eyes because you know you'll be woken up?

My services provide:

I will take all of the guess work out of figuring out your baby's schedule

I will never enforce a method that my clients aren't comfortable with. Parents know their baby best and that will not be forgotten when working with me 

Comprehensive sleep plan tailored exactly to your child's needs.

Unlimited support and answers to your questions via e-mail for the length of your support package







"I didn’t have time to sit down and read all the different sleep books and figure out what worked for my daughter. I knew a little here and there from random google searches but I needed guidance. Lauren helped me get Josie to take longer naps, drop that long over due 3rd nap and continues to check in to be sure we’re still on the right track. She truly cares about your child’s sleep (and yours!) and I highly recommend Sweet Sleeper Consulting!"

Donya - Mother to 1 year old

"My boy wasn’t what most would call “a bad sleeper” but he mostly woke very early in the mornings. The trouble being he was exhausted and grumpy then all day! As a nanny for the last 20yrs I was sure I could sort it. By 19 months it was clear I couldn’t! Just a few simple changes from Lauren and he’s clicked into a perfect set routine, sleeping later, napping longer but best of all I have my smiley, cheeky, hyper boy back. Getting enough sleep helps our whole family and I’m so glad we invested in that."

Vicky- Mother to 19 month old

“Lauren did a wonderful job at analyzing my daughter’s schedule and figured out what needed to be fixed. My daughter was waking up several times a night, not napping well and pretty cranky through the day. Now she is sleeping through the night, taking solid naps and we are all so much happier! Lauren gave us the amazing gift of sleep and I am so grateful!"

Kierstin - Mother to 10 month old


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